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Your website is the hub of your business on the internet. It's the point where your customers can find out who you are and where to follow you online. You control the look, the message you deliver, and your over all presence. At Build & Evolve we can help your brand by building a modern website with links and content from your social media sources.  Just Contact Us and we can discuss your needs, or click here to get a quote.


What can we do for you?

We can help you create a modern Mobile-Responsive website with a professional look and advanced features such as an eCommerce Web Store, OpenTable integration, iTunes Podcasting, and more. Let us design a website that will entice your visitors to become customers.

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TOP 3 REASONS TO have a website for your small BUSINESS


Lower advertising costs

Advertising through traditional means is often limited to local areas and can be expensive. When you have a website for your small business combined with social media marketing you can promote your business to an audience from a larger area at a much lower cost or in some cases free.


importance of Blogging

When creating a website for your company entrepreneurs often underestimate the importance of a blog. Having a blog allows you to have fresh content up dated on a regular basis that you or other users can share bringing more potential customers to your business.


Customer Satisfaction

A web site gives your customers access to your products and services 24 hours a day because the internet never closes. Introducing an online store will also make it easier for your customers to spend money with you and leave feedback for other potential clients. Accessibility and convenience will only drive more clients towards your business and promote growth.

There are many benefits to having an online presence for your business. One of the most undervalued tools is having a blog. A blog can add great value to a web site that does not get updated frequently. By adding fresh content that customers can share via other social media platforms you only increase the opportunity of your site ranking higher through Google.


The Statistics


If you already have a physical store selling products to the local area you are in, adding an online store can increase sales and gain new customers. Customers who can now benefit from the convenience of shopping 24 hours a day from where ever they are. Those same customers can even share your products on social media to their friends can purchase or share as well. You can also take advantage of social media to gain new customers world wide.

Sales before and after Online store

Since 2014 mobile web browser usage has surged past web browsing on PC's and laptops. This fact caused Google to announce that websites that are not Mobile-Responsive will be ranked lower in google search results. This can cons your business money if you web site is not up graded. At Build & Evolve we can create a modern website that meets the Google standard for a Mobile-Responsive site.

PC vs. Mobile for Web Access

Having a blog gives your web site fresh content which customers will come to your site and share on social media increasing the popularity of your business, product, os service. It also provides an opportunity to gain an income by setting up advertisements. 

Blog Increases Social Media Sharing