Have you started your New Years resolution business yet?

So it was December 31, 2017, and you said in 2018 I will finally start my small business, maybe after a few drinks but you did say it. Then January came and you had a hangover so that was not a good time to start, then you were going to start the second week of January and then the credit card bill from all the Christmas gifts you bought came in and you said ok I will wait a couple of weeks until I pay this down. Now its the last week of January you sit at your computer and say I am going to do the research, find out the costs, and pay for it. Then you realize its actually really hard and costs money. So your thought process changes and you say well this job is okay it pays the bills, I will look into it again in the summer or it becomes your 2019 new years resolution. Stop... The time is now! You can start a "side hustle" and save your New Years resolution. Here are some businesses you can start with little to no money and a tool you can use for free to take payments and organize your finances.


We all have talents that go unused and unrecognized. Well, there are companies willing to pay you for those talents. Designers, photographers, writers, accountants and more can sell those talents to multiple companies helping them save money while you get paid for your efforts.


Teaching, Tutoring, and Consulting

What you know can put money in your pocket. If you have a talent for math or grammar, accounting, languages, or even if you can set up a successful business. You can earn some extra money on the side consulting, tutoring, or setting up a website and online class and teach multiple students at one for very little cost.


Handyman Services

Every home needs repairs and over time some people let these issues build up. So if you are good with your hands or have been trained in a trade there is a lot of money to be had. I think its best to start by specializing in a field like plumbing or painting, then after you gain some credibility you can expand your services or bring in other people to work with to fill in for skills you don't have. Once you start making an income you can spend money on some marketing materials such as business cards, flyers or even a website.

Health, fitness & Yoga 

Taking advantage of the health and fitness craze is a great way to start a business if you are athletically gifted. You can research healthy diets to add more benefits to your clients and working in public areas is a great way to gain more customers. Once you have built up a following you can Invest in fitness equipment, get certifications, and create flyers to hand out and start a blog that will help spread your services.


Pet Care services

The pet services is a big industry with Americans spending over $65 billion on their pets in 2016 and approximately $5.5 billion of that was spent on pet services such as grooming and dog walking etc. according to the American Pet Products Association. If you are an animal lover you can start a pet sitting service, training, or even custom special diet pet foods. You should, of course, invest in certifications so you can be properly trained in the field you want to work in plus it will make your business more credible.


Tools of the Trade

So you are now going to start your business. However, there is something you forgot how do I take payments from my customers. Well sure if you have a business where the customers are giving you cash in hand for relatively small amounts then you might be ok for a while, but when you are running a business nothing looks more unprofessional then having to tell your customers that you don't take credit cards. The tool I like to use to solve this problem is called Wave Accounting. I love this tool for three reasons. 1. Digital invoicing makes you look very professional, 2. You can take credit card payments, and 3. It is free to use! So I would suggest trying it out and seeing if it fits your business.

Wave Accounting Features:

  • Invoicing
  • Receipt Tracking
  • Business reports for taxes
  • Payroll... and more