5 Facts That Will Scare You Into Starting Your Own Business

We can get comfortable in our worker drone life. Getting up every day; commuting into work with a sad look on our face knowing the hell that we are going to have to deal with. Doing the same thing over and over again for little or no appreciation, dealing with a boss from hell and, let's not forget, that co-worker that just decided to hate you for no reason. You do this knowing that you have to survive and your job is secure. You want to come home and relax after a long day knowing all your eggs are safe in that one work basket... Or are they? No one is saying quit your job and start a business but I am saying BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID!!! Here are 5 facts that will scare you into starting your own business.

1.  Technology can do it better then you can: With robotics and artificial intelligence getting better and better people are being moved out of the workforce especially if you have a customer service or office job. People think this is a long way off and they don't have to worry about it yet, so I am safe. However, technology has been replacing people for decades and most jobs are easily replaceable right now. It's only a matter of time before your company realizes that it is way cheaper to replace you with a computer or robot. Check out the article "Robots Expected To Replace Some Five Million Jobs By 2020" to read about your grim future.

2. Your boss probably hates you: Have you ever got that feeling that your boss is out to get you? He or she always makes you stay late, dismisses your ideas, or uses passive aggressive gestures towards you during meetings? Well, the chances are they really do hate you. If you are not sure check out this article "6 Signs your boss hates you".

3. You could be doing the same thing over and over for years to come:  You're a smart person, right? You show up to work on time every day , do your work, and do overtime when you are asked to. You are a perfect employee who is prepped for a promotion. Well, what if you being smart was the problem? You may lack the necessary skills for a promotion no matter how smart you are. Want to know why? Read this article "Why Smart People Don't Get Promoted" and find out.

4. Your company cares about money, not you!: So you have been working at your company for years. You are friends with your managers, you get along with everyone, and you just got a raise. Things are looking good. Then you get called into your manager's office and he is letting you go because the company is downsizing. Whether they get rid of just you or they lay off 3,000 people, they did it for the money. They can replace you with a new young person straight out of school to take your job for $15,000 a year less, or they outsource those 3,000 jobs to another country for $2 per hour instead of paying you $18 per hour.  Having a backup plan such as your own business is not a bad idea in these cases.

5. Your job really is killing you!: Whether you are an office worker, construction worker, or an executive at a large company you all have one thing in common, stress. The issue with stress is it often leads to other medical issues such as heart attacks, stroke, or physical injuries depending on the type of job you have. Recently a study was done that proves this is true. Take a look at "Yes, your job really is killing you, study confirms" to find out more.