5 Fears To Get Over So You Can Start Your Own Business

Fear often prevents us from doing the things we need to  do in life, and starting your own business is no different. It does not help that your friends and family jumps on the side of your fear. Telling you that you can't do it and there are so many obstacles in your way. Then at the first sign that there may be an issue they are always there to say I told you so throwing it in your face. You should not let that discourage you. To help you out here are 5 fears for you to overcome so you can start your own business.  

1) Fear of failure: When you start a new business there are two scenarios that we play out in our head. One is everything works out great you get lots of customers and the money is great. The other scenario is that you fail; no customers sign up with you, the money is not rolling in and all your friends laugh at you and say I told you so. The truth that not a lot of people tell you is that you need to embrace failure. With every failure is a lesson that you need to learn and can use to improve the current project, or use on your next project. Always remember failure is an option, so you might as well use it to your advantage. Take a look at this article "6 Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of Failure As A Startup Entrepreneur" to help you get over your fears.

2) Fear of the unknown: There are many unknowns and they are all depending on you to figure them out. You cannot let fear paralyze you, there are always answers to those unknown questions. We live in the information age there are tons of resources out there, one of my favorites is Lynda.com. You can also look at this article "15 Free Online Learning Sites Every Entrepreneur Should Visit" and make sure you take the time t learn and turn those unknowns in to skills you can use.

3) Fear of being judged: The court of public opinion is often cruel and unjust. People think they can make snap judgments about what you are doing, finding any flaw and then saying you should just shut down your business because you will never overcome it. The truth is no one is more equipped to handle these flaws. I mean think about it if you are at work and you notice something is wrong it is way harder to get it fixed. If it does not fall under your department no one will probably listen to you, if it is in your department you have to get it by your supervisor, and when it finally does get fixed your supervisor will probably get the credit and may even get a promotion while you toil away back in the coal mines. When you have your own business you can learn, evaluate and fix any issues, use the unlimited resources of the internet to help you, and ask and bring in experts if you need to. Get over these fears by reading "How to Free Yourself From Fear of Judgement" 

4) Financial Fears: Money is a constant issue that you will have to deal with whether you have a job or have your own business. However, the fears of running your own business are very different. You worry about not getting customers, how much do you charge for your product or services, what customers should I take on or pass on. You should not fear the finances, there are always risks we will have to take whether you work at a job or run your own business. If you still have some fears left in you read this article "The Most Common Money Fears of Entrepreneurs (and How to Get Over Them)" it will help put them to rest.

5) Fear of Success: It's hard to believe with all the worrying we do about getting clients, other people's opinion, and making money we never think about what happens when it all works out. Now you have to keep up with all the promises you made to your clients and customers, you have to maintain the success you achieved, and the big question is where do you go from here to improve on your success? You need to get over this fear, and to help you please read this article "What to Do if You Have A Fear of Success".